Galaxy S5 gold edition not coming to O2

UK’s people who would-be owners of the Galaxy S5 gold edition may be unable to pick it on O2, it seems, following the network failed to list the handset in the colourway that tech watchers expect to be most in demand. But maybe tellingly, there’s no indication of the so called ‘copper gold’ edition. The O2 confirm it won’t be selling the Samsung Galaxy S5 gold edition.

galaxy s5 gold edition

That’s particularly odd given the enormous sales of the gold iPhone 5S and the clear vogueishness of that blingy colour among consumers at this time.

We’ve approached O2’s press folks for a reason. But were we gaming men, we’d place our cash on another provider – most probably Vodafone – having nabbed exclusivity to the gold version. Even if just to get a definite span, probably between one and 3 months.

That which we do know is having created a few informal enquiries, the company’s on-line support team appear to think that the gold model undoubtedly won’t be touchdown on O2. Although normally, they’re probably less well informed that the PR team.

The Galaxy S5 officially reaches shops on April 11th. Carriers have yet to verify pre-order dates or pricing, but it is thought that the fifth-gen model could come in cheaper than earlier Galaxy S telephones after weaker-than-anticipated Galaxy S4 sales a year ago.

Source: O2

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