The Goodness of Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Resistance Feature

There is indeed Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance feature in this amazing Samsung smartphone. This feature will allow the smartphone to be used underwater and even under the rain. If you want to know more about water resistance feature, below is the information for you.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Resistance Feature at a Glance

The Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance feature works just like many other water-resistant smartphones. There are several rubber seals located on numerous parts of this smartphone to prevent water from coming into the inside of the phone. Among them is on the USB port (located on the bottom of the phone) especially on the flap and on the plastic cover of the smartphone

samsung galaxy s5 water resistance

Is the Smart Phone Bulky Because of the Water Resistance Feature

The most water-resistant smartphone has a bulky design because of the additional plastic and rubber seals on the smartphone to avoid letting any water into the smartphone. However, in this Samsung Galaxy 5 smart phone, the design is quite normal. It is not too bulky. It is because the rubber seals are quite thin. Besides that, the headphone jack is not covered by a flap. The headphone jack is coated with water-resistant material internally so that water will not get into the smartphone through the headphone jack. That is why the design can still be slim.

How Long Can Samsung Galaxy 5 Stay Underwater?

The official specification of the water resistance feature of this smartphone is IP67. It means that this smartphone can prevent dust (dust free) and this smartphone can stay underwater for about 30 minutes or less. It is great considering that 30 minutes is a long time especially if you just use Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance feature to take an underwater selfie.

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