Tips on Scanning Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is an excellent mobile phone. This Smartphone has various great features. One of them is a fingerprint scanner. With this scanner, users can have better security of their mobile phone. They don’t need to worry that others can access the data inside the phone when they left it unattended. With this scanner, they can also make better and more secure mobile payment.

fingerprint on samsung galaxy s5

Unfortunately, many users are complaining about the fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5. They said that it doesn’t work consistently. In consequence, they need to scan their fingerprint over and over again before they can access their mobile phone. If you suffer from this problem, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Steps to Scanning Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Register your fingerprint properly. In registering your fingerprint on the Home Key, be sure that you swipe your finger pad from the tip to the base. You must be sure that you don’t bend your finger in doing it.
  • Swipe your finger in moderate speed. You must be sure that it is flat when touching the Home Key.
  • Remove accessories that cover the Home Key. The screen protector may cause the scanner to be incapable of recognizing your fingerprint. That’s why it is better for you to remove it from the Home Key.
  • Clean and dry your fingertip and the screen before scanning. The fingerprint scanner is extremely sensitive to moisture. If your fingertip is slightly wet with sweat, oil, or other moisture, the scanner will not be able to scan your fingerprint properly. In consequence, you must make sure that your fingertip and Home Key is clean and dry.
  • Be sure that your Home Key is free scratches. The damaged fingerprint scanner cannot work consistently so that you have difficulties in accessing your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner actually offers consistency performance. You only need to make sure that you scan your fingerprint properly.


Video manual: Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Set and Demonstration

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