Samsung Galaxy S5 Mode Tips and Management

The user of S5 can now enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S5 mode tips and management that will increase the experience. The mode here means the phone mode that you will use. You can choose the method that offered by Samsung in this phone. There will be two modes that you can follow here.

The first mode is cinema mode. It is suitable for those who want to want to watch videos, games and even to do online shopping. The looking-big screen will make enjoy the phone. When you play the game, it will give you a better experience.

The second mode is one hand mode. This way seems suitable for those who want to use the phone just in one hand. As its name, this method is to help the user who will use one hand only. When you are busy, or your another hand is dirty, this will be very helpful. Find the explanation below for both modes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mode Tips: Cinema Mode

The first Samsung Galaxy S5 mode tips are straightforward to do. Start by visiting the Setting menu from your home screen. Then look for the Display menu and tap it. Scroll down the menu that you and find the Screen Mode option. Tap it and scroll down the menu that you see.

galaxy s5 mode tips

Choose the Cinema mode that located on the bottom of the menu by tapping it. Tap the save option on the top right of the screen. You can start to enjoy the new screen version.
To practice it, you can start to use your game and play the video. If you think it’s a more excellent version, you can keep it. You can manage it again depends on your usage.

One Hand Mode

To quickly access the phone with the one hand only, you can start by heading to the Setting options. Then look for the Sound and Display menu and tap it. You will find the One-handed operation option and now enable it.

Once the one hand operation mode is active, you can just use it by swiping the screen. Swipe in and swipe out to access this. Now, you can enjoy the phone with one hand only. If you are busy with the document in another hand, this mode will be helpful.

Those two steps also can be undone by the same steps and disable the mode. Do it when you think you need it. These Samsung Galaxy 5 S5 mode tips will help you in daily use, especially for work and fun.



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