The Benefits of Using Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy S5

Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy S5 is one of the most famous features in this Samsung smartphone. We know that privacy is very important and that is why safety feature like a fingerprint scanner that Samsung has in the smartphone is helping in keeping our privacy. In this Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, the fingerprint scanner feature is improved and it keeps the smartphone safer. Below is the list of the benefits of using fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5.

fingerprint scanner on galaxy s5

Benefit Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy S5

Lock and Unlock Device Easily

Usually, in locking or unlocking the device, password or pattern will be required. They are can be forgotten and can be guessed by people around you. If you use your very own fingerprint, it is impossible to lock or unlock your device without your permission. Of course, this feature will also be very useful for those who do not want to remember their password or pattern. Now just stick your thumb on the screen, you can control your smartphone. This is also good because no one will be able to hack your smartphone unless they cut off your thumb and press it against the screen. That is why the ultimate smartphone security is this fingerprint scanner.

Easier, Faster, and Cheaper to Set Up

Even though the feature is very good, it does not need anything expensive to access. You do not need to pay anything or go through a complicated setup. It is already there in the smart phone, and the feature can be used easily. This feature is improved in Samsung Galaxy S5 so that it is obviously better than the fingerprint scanner feature in the previous Samsung Galaxy version. The fingerprint scanner on Galaxy S5 is claimed to be more sophisticated and easier to use.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Finger Scanner – Feature

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