Full List Of Safe To Remove Bloatware Apps On Galaxy S5 And How to Disable Manual

In every smartphone (including Samsung Galaxy S5) that you have, there are many applications downloaded by yourself or applications that have been available previously out of the box. It is sometimes very disturbing to most people because the number of applications that we don’t need making the storage space of our phones almost filled out. So, what we can do with all these bloatware apps?


This problem also occurs for those of you who have Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of applications that are installed out of the box, especially from AT&T Model. In addition, more than 20 applications that we don’t need it can’t be removed, but to resolve them we can hide them and keep them out of sight.

These applications or bloatware will take 2-3GB of storage space on mobile phones and it is certainly very disturbing. But users can resolve these problems by hiding or simply disable bloatware on Galaxy S5. That’s how all of Amazon, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile apps or other applications that we don’t need to meet the application drawer will be lost. Don’t worry, we just disable them all and they will disappear.

Steps to Disable Bloatware Apps on Galaxy S5

To disable applications you don’t use, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Choose Applications
  3. Tap App Manager and every application pre-installed press the “Disable” In this way, they are no longer going to work.


You don’t need to remove too many things that do not you understand, as a mobile phone with certain features will not work properly if they are disabled. If you want to re- use these applications, you only need to go to the same area and press the “activate” it.

These are just a few of the many tips that will allow Samsung Galaxy S5 Edge owners to do more with their mobile phones.

Before you decide what apps must be removed from your phone you need to figure out list of your installed apps. To get full list of apps that are installed on your own device you can install Package List from Google Play.

Note: You need to do back up of all your phone data before removing bloatware on Galaxy S5 devices.


How To Uninstall Carrier/ OEM Bloatware on Galaxy S5

To Remove ALL Bloatware from Galaxy S5 without Root:



Full List Of Safe To Remove Bloatware Apps On Galaxy S5

You will still get updates for your phone with no problems. But, like all things, we can’t predict the future or how each individual device will behave. So, be careful in disabling process and remove apps one by one to make sure that your phone will work correct after next uninstalled app. Some apps cannot be disabled.


Samsung & Google Bloatware System Apps that can be disable on your Galaxy S5

  • AccuweatherPhone2013_J_LMR
  • AirMotionTryActually
  • AllShareCastPlayer
  • AntHalService
  • ANTPlusPlugins
  • ANTPlusTest
  • ANTRadioService
  • BeamService
  • Blurb
  • Books
  • Bridge
  • Chrome
  • CloudAgent
  • ColorBlind
  • de.pizza.lib
  • DigitalClock21
  • DioDict3Service
  • Drive
  • Dropbox
  • DropboxOOBE
  • DSMLawmo
  • DualClockDigital
  • EasyFavoritesContactsWidget
  • EasyLauncher
  • EasySettings
  • ELMAgent
  • Flipboard
  • FmmDM
  • FmmDS
  • GearManagerStub
  • Gmail2
  • GoogleEarth
  • GoogleFeedback
  • GoogleSearchWidget
  • GroupPlay_25
  • Hangouts
  • HealthService
  • hrs_and_samDePhone12_keysource
  • InteractiveTutorial
  • Kies
  • KLMSAgent
  • KnoxAttestationAgent
  • KnoxMigrationAgent
  • KnoxSetupWizardClient
  • KnoxSetupWizardStub
  • KNOXStore
  • MobilePrintSvc_Samsung
  • Music2
  • MusikLiveShare2
  • Newsstand
  • NoiseField
  • PageBuddyNotiSvcK
  • PCWClientS18
  • Peel_L
  • PhaseBeam
  • PhotoTable
  • PickUpTutorial
  • PlayGames
  • PlusOne
  • PolarisViewer5
  • PreloadInstaller
  • QuickConnect
  • RCPComponents
  • S_Translator_CSLi
  • samsung_preinstall_03_10
  • SamsungApps
  • SamsungAppsWidget
  • SamsungBilling
  • SamsungBooks_EOS
  • SamsungContentsAgent
  • SamsungGames1.3_EOS
  • SamsungHub
  • SamsungHubUpdater
  • SamsungLink20
  • SamsungLinkPlatform
  • SamsungMusic_20
  • Samsungservice2_xxhdpi
  • SamsungVideo (keep or use MX Player instead)
  • SamsungWallet_Stub
  • SamsungWidget_ActiveApplication
  • SBrowser
  • SBrowserTry
  • sCloudBackupApp
  • sCloudDataRelay
  • sCloudDataSync
  • sCloudQuotaApp
  • sCloudSyncCalendar
  • sCloudSyncContacts
  • sCloudSyncSBrowser
  • sCloudSyncSNote
  • sCloudSyncSNote3
  • SecKidsModeInstaller
  • SecVideo
  • SecVideoPlayer
  • SFinder
  • ShareVideo
  • SHealth3_5
  • SmartBriefing4x2
  • SMemo2
  • SNoteProvider
  • SNoteProvider
  • SNS
  • SPDClient
  • SPenSdk3
  • SPlannerWidget_OS_UPG_EasyWidget
  • SPPPushClient_Prod
  • SPrintSpooler
  • StoryAlbum2013_L
  • StoryAlbumWidget
  • talkback
  • TravelService_K
  • TravelWidget
  • TripAdvisor
  • Videos
  • VoiceRecorder
  • WeatherDaemon2013_LMR
  • WebManual
  • YahooNewsPhone2013_LMR
  • YahooStocksPhone2013_LMR


Third-Party Apps That Can Be Disabled On Samsung Galaxy S5

Amazon Safe to Remove Apps List:

  • Amazon (Amazon Shopping)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Prime Photos
  • Amazon Prime Video


AT&T Safe to Remove Apps List:

  •  AT&T Device Help
  • AT&T Usage Manager
  • myAT&T
  • AT&T Smart Limits
  • AT&T Protect Plus
  • AT&T Caller Name ID
  • AT&T Hot Spots
  • AT&T Locker
  • AT&T Remote Support
  • AT&T DriveMode
  • AT&T Direct TV
  • DIRECTV Remote
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Plenti
  • Walmart
  • Words

Sprint Safe to Remove Apps List:

  • 1Weather
  • AAA
  • Amazon (Amazon Shopping)
  • App Spotlight
  • Caller ID
  • DraftKings
  • Lookout
  • Loot
  • My Sprint Mobile
  • NextRadio
  • Playphone
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Sprint Family Locator
  • Sprint Fun & Games
  • Sprint Music Plus
  • Sprint TV & Movies
  • Tech Expert
  • Uber
  • Voicemail
  • Wi-Fi Calling

T-Mobile Safe to Remove Apps List:

  • T-Mobile Device Unlock
  • T-Mobile Mobile Hotspot
  • T-Mobile My Account
  • T-Mobile Name ID
  • T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
  • T-MobileTV


Verizon Safe to Remove Apps List:

  • Message+
  • NFL Mobile
  • Slacker
  • Caller Name ID
  • My Verizon Mobile
  • Voicemail
  • VZ Protect
  • VZ Navigator
  • Cloud
  • Go90