How to use S Note on Galaxy S5

S Note application will come in pre-installed in your Galaxy S5 and is also a simple as well as handy method to acquire both typed and also handwritten notes on the go. You may also synchronize them with Evernote when you decide therefore they are available everywhere you go.

How to type and draw notes in S Note on the Galaxy S5

When you visit create a new note in S Note, you will see the pen tool in the upper left hand corner. In order to toggle between free hand-writing and also typed notes, only tap either your T next to the pen tool or even expand your pen tool menus and choose the type of writing utensil yo’d like, color, and more. Several writing tools include thicker tips than the others.

How to use S Note on Galaxy S5

Even realize that you’ve got a good formatting bar on the top too which helps you to undo and also redo steps. Tap around the menu option in the top right-hand corner – it appears like three dots. From this menu you’ll be able to perform a lot more actions. This is where you will go when you need to add a page for your note. You may also share some notes from this menus.

How to change templates and also access much more options in S Note

S Note will come complete with lots of templates such as check-lists, meeting agenda notes, blank sheets, and much more. Whenever you start S Note the first time you will be required to pick a default template. It’s possible to change it later and also on a case simply by case basis but this is the template S Note will default to for new notes.


Inside of any page of the note, touch the menu button to access even more options. You can also record a sketch, magnify notes, and more.



Video Manual: How to use any kind of pen for S Note on Galaxy S5

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