Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks that Will Change the Way You Use It

Many features in the Samsung Galaxy S5 helped it win IT Pro’s Editor’s Choice award. Unfortunately, many users are not aware of these amazing features and are unable to get the best out of S5. With a lot of customization features and many hidden ways to make it more efficient and faster, the following is 4 important Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips

4 Important Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

  • Use Private Mode to hide your personal files

This feature is particularly important if you have confidential files to hide and do not want others to see. To activate it, go to Settings > Personalization and then create a PIN. Then, you can see that the private mode is active in the notification bar

  • Keep the screen on when you are looking at it

If you find it disruptive to see the screen timing out and shutting off, go to Settings > Display and switch the screen timeout setting. When you have this feature enabled, the screen will detect the presence of your eyes so that when you look at the screen then it is automatically activated and vice versa.

  • Use Kids Mode to limit your child’s access

If you have an adult app which is unsafe to be seen by children, enable this feature so that your adult applications remain safe from your children. Activate the PIN in the options and your child will not be able to access everything on your phone. You can hand it to them without worry. The parental control mode also allows you to adjust daily time limits, specify other apps that can they access and review their activities.

  • Use the screen when using gloves

When you ride a motorcycle, you will find it difficult to operate the screen since you are wearing gloves; the screen is not responsive, but the features on Samsung Galaxy S5 can do. Head to Settings > Display and tick Increase touch sensitivity.


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