How To Speed Up Web Browsing on Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 users may have experienced a slow and lagging Internet speed. There’s a chance you’re obtaining these issues with the Google Chrome or perhaps the Android Browser, however, the very good news is perhaps you can speed up your web browsing on Galaxy S5.

This simple solution to improving the web browsing experience that works for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The tips is allowing the browser to use more of the devices RAM to improve performance, especially while scrolling.

speed up web browsing on galaxy s5

Regardless if these types of changes will not make ultra speed on your Internet, these recommendations give you an effective speed increase whenever browsing the web. The faster Internet speed is going to be detected usually when you use full of images or animated GIFs site. If you decide to require a faster web browsing on the Galaxy S5, follow the instructions.

Guide to Speed Up Web Browsing on Galaxy S5

To speed up web browsing on Galaxy S5, you have access to the actual secret Google Chrome browser features. You can get these types of solutions by simply typing into the address bar. Follow the instructions to access the hidden menu to get faster Internet speed:

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S5
  2. Open the Chrome Browser Apps
  3. And just type “chrome://flags” into the Chrome URL bar
  4. Browse for “Maximum tiles for interest area” (#max-tiles-for-interest-area ) in the list
  5. Tap the Dropdown menu titled “Default” and change to 512
  6. At the bottom, select “Relaunch Now” to confirm the changes

Note: Don’t modify any other options, as it may make the web browser being unstable.

Immediately after following the steps, you have a faster Internet speed when using the Chrome Browser on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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