Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Tips and Tricks

For the S5 users, have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy S5 display tips and trick? Although the manual user book has explained about the tips and usage guidelines, there are some missing things there. The tips and method will not only make you more accessible and has the smarter setting, but also faster access.

About the display tips, you can now do something on it. The first is to adjust the screen brightness and the second one is to change the screen timeout. Follow the steps below and practice it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Tips: Screen Brightness

If the display is usually accessible from the Setting menu, here the steps will be much easier and more straightforward. You can now adjust the light from another way than the Setting menu. To do it, you can only go to your home screen. Tap and scroll down the notification bar.

You will see many options there, including the WiFi, Bluetooth and much more. Make sure you know the possibility that has a sun symbol. That symbol is usually with the line and the dot. That is the setting for the display brightness.

Now, move the dot on the line that you see. For the brighten screen, move it to the right. But for darkening screen, move it to the left. You can also thick the Auto to make the screen in a bright that has set by the Samsung.

For the Samsung Galaxy S5 display tips that to darken your screen, it is suitable to avoid screen irritation. It is also the best choice for those who want to save the battery energy. Remember, the screen brightness affects the battery very much.

Screen Timeout

The next tip is screen timeout management. This screen aims to control how long the screen will on when you don’t use it.  Go to your Setting menu and choose the Display option. Choose the Screen Out menu and select the 15 seconds option. By selecting this menu, your battery will long last.

galaxy s5 display tips

Remember that both tips will affect the battery in a right way. We know that the brightness will drain the battery much. Avoiding live wallpaper will help you to get life longer battery too.

Practice both tips above now, and you can enjoy your lifelong battery. For those who are irritated with the brighter screen, this will be very helpful. These Samsung Galaxy S5 display tips and trick will help you in many ways.




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